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Horses teach us the meaning of integrity.  I have learned many life lessons from my horse.  He constantly tests the quality of my "horse sense".

Group Hug
24" x 24"

A family of horses not keeping socially distant.



9" x 12"

My horse was galloping around his corral one evening--mane and tail flying.  I loved the expression on his face against the spring greens in the background.


That Paint Mare

16" x 20"

This mare lives along the trails that I hike near my house.  She and her pasture buddy found a nice spot in the shade to doze.  This is the look she gave me when I approached to take a picture.

Horse Galloping

16" x 20"

My horse was galloping in his corral one evening.  I loved the noble expression on his face, and the light and shadows in his flying mane.


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